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588-Big Jet Butane Torch Lighter

Item Size: 6.7 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 10.8 Ounces
Fuel Capcity:
Material: Copper
* Are you looking for a heavy duty, powerful and safe torch that meets your needs?

* Want to create TOP Masterwork like Blazer big shot ?

* Be sure that you are having the best tools for your money ?

This ZOOCURA Double Flame & Cost–effective Butane Torch is waiting for you !
Detailed information

Zoocura Big Jet Butane Torch Lighters-Walnut


The butane torch uses big turbo copper nozzle( 0.78 inch diameter). The big nozzle can spray max 7.5-in/2800°F powerful jet flame. The firepower produced by a large turbo nozzle can be equivalent to that of ordinary triple nozzle.
Technology of wood graining and coloring make this butane torch looks out of ordinary. Stylish and sleek body provides comfort to your hand and makes one-handed use easy.
The hollowed-out metal head is made of zinc alloy, can helps oxygen enter and allow flame to burn stably. Unique texture carving makes the torch stand out from many ordinary lighters in the market.
Unlike disposable lighters, this torch lighter can be refilled many times by butane gas canister. Our butane lighter features a gas valve to adjust flame length according to your needs. You can adjust flame size easily without any tools, just slide the little button to “+” or “ - ”
This torch has a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition when carrying. Give you and your family more protection. Please do not use safety lock to lock flame, otherwise the life of the safety lock will be shortened.
This butane torch with an exquisite gift box is the best choice for Christmas gifts. It can light up in windy conditions,suitable for outdoor & indoor activities like camping,BBQ,candle or DIY welding etc.
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