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" Works beautifully ! I shouldn't be saying this but I've dropped this thing several times by accident and I thought for sure it would break but it hasn't missed a beat ! I needed something to light my cigarettes on windy days and it does it with ease. I like it so well im fixing to buy another right after this review. "


- David G.

" Very nice torch lighter. It is really easy to fill with fuel and operate. I like how wide the adjustable flame can very. It's got some weight to it so it doesn't feel like a cheap torch. So far this lighter has lit every time without hesitation. I would highly recommend this lighter "


- Ryan W.
  • Metal Tank - great on so many leavels, giving a sense of security & safety being more durable & tolerant of clumsiness.

  • Perfectly Sized - I'm used to using a torch attached to pre-filled bottles which takes up tons of space indoors. This torch is a nice transition to a smaller size with the same kind of feel & weight.

  • Fuel & Flame Control is beyond a required feature of any torch. The double flame can be fine turned for numerous applications.


- Heaven L.

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