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F11/17-Outdoor Lighter (Camouflage+black)

Item Size: 1.9"L x 2.8"W x 0.7"Th
Fuel Capcity:
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Rub
* Are you looking for a heavy duty, powerful and safe torch that meets your needs?

* Want to create TOP Masterwork like Blazer big shot ?

* Be sure that you are having the best tools for your money ?

This ZOOCURA Double Flame & Cost–effective Butane Torch is waiting for you !
Detailed information

2 Pack Outdoor Lighter: Waterproof Arc Lighter & Windproof Torch Lighter


5U6PH0}IW6$VSCU[D32H9W9.png【2 PACK OUTDOOR LIGHTERS 】Package Included: 1 USB Arc lighter, 1 butane lighter, 1 usb cable and 2 Lanyards. The usb chargeable lighter is a perfect outdoor adventure tool. The butane torch lighter is a better choice when you need to burn thicker branches or wood. The 2 outdoor lighters can be used as a fire starter,camping gear,survival tool.

YZ0R}$BMD5E1MKZYPS)_V77.png【360° DUAL-ARC】Unlike old built-in arc lighters, the dual-arc of this lighter is fully exposed at the top. It is easier to ignite something. The flameless lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery. Includes USB charging cord, this quick charge battery will reach a full charge in only 1.5 hours and will stay charged for up to a week.

HA5IGHNE(OYZTZAH2LGF0{J.png【REFILLABLE GAS LIGHTER】The torch lighter can be filled with butane gas repeatedly. The butane lighter can create 2800°F jet flame up to 1.8 inches. You can turn gas valve to “+” or “-“ to adjust flame length. Take out the tank and against the light to determine how much gas is left. (NOTE: Due to shipping safety regulations, the lighter is gas empty when you received)  

8(U3ZNA}G6MTZDT72(`C{5K.png【WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF】These 2 lighters are also built with metal-ring sealed cover and locking clasp. IP56 Waterproof System allows them work well in rainy day and windy day. The arc lighter's flameless design and the blue jet flame lighter both have a function of wind resistance. 

}QI3L6~[%4I_]KA@OXZB_U5.png【PORTABLE & DURABLE】The compact size of both lighters (1.9''*2.8''*0.7''/ 0.15lb) is perfect for on-the-go use. Easy to carry and small enough to put in your pocket, handbag. This lighter body is made of high quality silicone rubber/ ABS and Zinc Alloy. The lightweight tool should be in every camper, hiker, hunter, fisherman and outdoors person's pack. 

2S$SWAD]6C9FRX~97H%HC09.png【100% RISK-FREE & 1-YEAR WARRANTY 】Our product comes with 1-Year Warranty includes 4-month free refund. If you have need any help, please contact us.  

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